Region: Huila

Processing: Washed, cold fermentation

Variety: Geisha 

Notes: cantaloupe, jasmin, raspberry, white tea 

In 2015, Rodrigo and his team created a new processing technique called Cold Fermentation, which involves placing peeled coffee cherries in cold rooms for prolonged fermentation. Rodrigo discovered that the extended fermentation period develops more complex coffee aromas. Although the method had great challenges at the beginning, after two years of study the team found the best balance between the sweetness of the coffee fruits at the time of harvest and the fermentation temperature, thus obtaining the desired complexity. Coffee selected for cold fermentation is usually 28 degrees Brix at harvest time. They are rigorously selected, immediately placed in GrainPro bags and transferred to the cold room, where the temperature is set between 10-13 degrees Celsius for 76 hours. After fermentation, the coffee is washed and left to dry for three days in the sun, then it is placed on raised beds, in the shade, to continue drying for 23-25 ​​days. After drying, it is rested in GrainPro bags for 20 days before cupping and exporting.