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who we are and what we roast

Olivo Coffee Roasters’ story began the moment we realized that we all deserve an excellent cup of coffee – a cup that’s been born out of the passion for the bean’s exotic aroma and out of care for a sustainable future. We manually roast beans that have been well-grown, carefully harvested and sold in a responsible manner, all of which ensures that we will continue to enjoy the same coffee in the future. 

Olivo Caffe started its journey in 2012. Since then, our clients have been enjoying our coffee at home or in various coffee shops and restaurants all across the country. Also, we proudly support the Romanian home-barista community, by offering them freshly roasted beans, coffee making equipment and valuable tips on how to use them. 

We’ve all been growing over these years: you – more demanding, we – more skilled. And we’re glad to have gotten to know the fascinating world of coffee together.